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welcome to this website about manufactured meat!

In 2013, we were intrigued by Mark Post’s demonstration of the world first’s artificially grown meat. It seemed a big deal.

In the years just before the announcement, he and his team had grown some muscle tissue. Strand by strand: about 10000 fibers in total. They added some other ingredients (i.e. flour) and created a ‘hamburger’.

The hamburger was cooked and eaten during a press conference. The news spread around the world, almost as if hailing a new era.

The new meat would be manufactured as opposed to farmed. It would be animal friendly and the healthy option. What’s more, it would also be more environmentally friendly and cheaper. It could make meat available to many more people in the world.

But given these enormous benefits, why is manufactured meat still not available at the local grocery store today? More and more, I started wondering why progress appears to have been slow.

There is a lot of academic research available. There are a few startups, mainly in the USA and the Netherlands. Some companies have demonstrated some real results. Muscle cells, liver, leather, egg white…

Liver (‘foie grass’) and egg white have the advantage of being more homogeneous, they do not require much structure. A hamburger may require some fat, veins and other tissue as well. A T-Bone stake or spare ribs have much more structure and will be far more difficult to manufacture.

If we are talking about a product for consumption, there will be health and safety implications. This will slow down the development process. The leather obviously has fewer issues because it is not eaten.

We could not really find a lot of start-up activity. So, we decided to see if any promotion of this development could be done. To promote start-ups in this new industry, investment capital is needed.

However, as in any budding industry, invest too early and you are likely to be overtaken by events. A consumer product appears to be some time off yet, so any investment will be long-term. At the moment, seed capital is needed most urgently.

Help us set this up!