July 3, 2019

Disrupting the meat industry

The global footprint of the meat industry is enormous. About 10kg of grain is currently needed to produce 1kg of beef. With the current crop yields, if we used this grain to feed humans instead, we could feed double the number of people there exist on the world today. Of course, we would all have to become vegetarian. Or would we?

We could also start eating insects… However, a more appealing alternative may be to manufacture real meat instead of farming. We could gain almost the same benefits. We would not have to become vegetarian and the environment would be spared at the same time. This would indeed be disruptive!

Still, according to a new report by ATKearney investment has been lacking.

Beyond Meat has recently gone public and shares have tripled since the IPO. Naturally, this has sparked interest among investors. Still, even BYND is not (yet) producing manufactured meat.

What would be a good investment case to develop the manufacturing industry?

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