May 10, 2016

Hello better world!

“Hello world!” was the first output of one of the first computer programs. It symbolised the start of a completely new industry. Manufacturing meat is now the start of a new industry. The benefits of manufacturing meat as opposed to farming are huge. There will be very many start-ups in many different areas of this new industry soon.

So, welcome to you! This website is about the latest developments in manufactured meat. With this, we mean real meat…. but grown in a factory. Cultured meat is not a plant-based substitute: Manufactured meat is usually grown from stem-cells. No live animals are used in production.

The advantages of manufacturing meat are enormous!

Manufacturing meat in factories will mean that less space is needed. Pastures could be returned to nature. Hygiene inside these factories can be controlled more easily, leading to less need for (preventative) medicines, no ‘culling of farms’ in case of disease outbreaks.

As we would only be manufacturing what we actually need, there would be less waste too. There should be a reduction in water and energy usage. There should be a reduction in pollution

The food programme at Oxford university’s Martin School, notes that if beef herds and sheep stopped releasing methane into the atmosphere, it would be gone in a couple of decades.

Healthy option

In manufactured meat, we could control fat content more easily  – even down to 0%, as in the first manufactured hamburger. Without chemicals, without antibiotics, without germs and containing less fat, the manufactured meat could become the healthy option.

Because manufacturing is more predictable, less risk means the logistics can be far more optimised.

Given these savings, the cost of manufactured meat will likely be much lower than farm-grown meat.

The advantages seem plenty, is this a no-brainer or are there any disadvantages?

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