Manufactured Meat

Manufactured meat is real meat.

… but grown in a factory.

Not farmed, but manufactured…

Nowadays, the growing of food in factories has become commonplace. Not only for plants (think greenhouses) but also for animal products. Think, for instance, yogurts or cheese. Also, many medicines are grown using bacteria.

With the latest biotechnology, almost any animal cell can now be grown artificially. The process usually starts off with stem-cells. These stem-cells are incited to multiply, just like they would in a live animal. They are given nutrients, oxygen etc.

We can grow, for example, muscle cells, fat cells or other tissues. If these are then mixed in the right proportions, a real meat is created. Because no animals are hurt in the process, this type of meat is sometimes also referred to as clean meat or cultured meat.

In the right setting, we could scale this process up to large production of real meat.

In this way we will have manufactured meat.

There appear to be many advantages in manufacturing meat as opposed to farming meat.

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