July 17, 2018

MosaMeat raises more capital


Mosa Meat is a Netherlands-based manufactured meat company, aiming to produce beef from cow stem cells. They were the first company in the world to demonstrate a manufactured beef product. This was back in 2013, when prof. Mark Post ate a manufactured beef burger in front of a live audience.

Since then, development has been steadily ongoing and the company thinks it is now ready to start an actual production site for a commercial product. The first hamburgers from there are estimated to hit the market next year at a €8.50 a piece price point. Still expensive compared to farmed beef for now, but the price is widely expected to drop significantly over time.


mosa meat mosameat


Other companies, like AlephFarms, Memphis Meats, Finless Foods and Integriculture say they will have a product available in a similar time frame. The race is therefore on to be the company to hit the market with a real commercial product first. The publicity payoff will be huge.

Yesterday, MosaMeat announced it has raised a further $8.8 million (€7.5 million) in funding from Merck, Swiss meat producer Bell Food Group and others.

The investors behind the financing are important to MosaMeat, too. Merck, for example, already has expertise in producing cell media, one of the biggest costs behind manufactured meat. The Bell Food Group has the distribution channels for the first products.

MosaMeat are ready to hit the ground running. A manufacturing location has already been identified and the building of a serious meat producing factory will start soon at that site.

See an article in the Wall Street Journal for more information, as well as the MosaMeat press release.


first manufactured hamburger

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