May 24, 2018

The 2018 market and start-ups

The worldwide market for meat is absolutely huge. If manufactured meat only took a small part of this market, it would already be very large too.

However, we believe that over time most if not all meat will be manufactured.


chicken consuption per person
WorldWide Chicken consumption 2016


What’s more, because of the advantages (cost and logistics) of manufactured meat, we believe that manufactured meat will be within reach of many more people worldwide than farm meat is today.


meat consumption


More people will eat more meat.


Still, only a few startups are currently (May 2018) actively working on the technology. They include:

Many other companies use advanced techniques to produce a next generation of animal based product. These are not manufactured meat as such, but related:

Many startups are now in the process of being founded in the background.


Most of the start-ups are currently funded by strategic participants, like the existing meat industry. A few investment funds specialise in this next generation of meat production. They include:

You may notice that even though the south of the Netherlands is a hotspot for the technological development, there is no investment fund there.

For this reason, we are looking to set up a venture fund in this area. If you would like to help or invest, please contact Robert ten Hoor on

Robert can inform you about the current ideas for a new start-up in Eindhoven.

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